painted edges
painted edges business cards
painted edges
painted edges business cards
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We have three exclusive options available so that you can find the perfect finish. Choose any Pantone colour from our stock matt pallete. The second choice is metallic colours, available in stunning Silver, Gold, Bronze and Red or we can create your custom matt colour.

Add more personality to your Duplex business card (2x350gsm) with painted edges. Thicker than simple business cards with an extra colour touch.

Make an outstanding impact with sensational thickness (2x350gsm Velvet paper & 380gsm Superfine paper) combined with painted edges.

Luxury Cards with Painted Edges

Your business cards will be impressive but will also inspire your customers. Special papers are combined with this special handmade technique.

Impress your customers and create a lasting impression with our custom Painted Edges Business Cards.

Business Cards with 2 Colour Hot Foil and Metallic Painted Edges on 1,5mm black paper

Triplex Business Cards with Painted Edges

Letterpress on Recycled Paperboard with Painted Edges

Duplex Business Cards with Spot UV and Painted Edges

Hot Foil Business Cards with Metallic Painted Edges on Recycled Paperboard

Business card with Hot Foil and Metallic Painted Edges

Need Something More?

Get our Sample Box.

Need proof of Quality?


This Business Card Sample Box is only a very small sample of what we can do for you! In this box, you will find 35 business cards in special papers and combinations of many post-printing techniques to have an even more astonishing result.