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We are proud of our reputation for maintaining high standards of product quality. There are more than a hundred of printing quality issues that can occur and they must all be solved by our technical team.

An offset printing quality standards checklist is essential for any pressroom, where copies are inspected and passed for acceptability.

Some of the most important factors that must absolutely be checked are the following:

1. Finishing Standards

If a copy is folded or trimmed, how much is it allowed to be out of alignment before it is unacceptable?
These things must be absolutely clear… An exact measurement as to how much wandering is acceptable is necessary.

2. Ink Standards

Unless you are running the ISO standard and measure your color in Lab values, having a standard on ink densities should suffices.  Define what the standard is and how much variance is tolerable.  Inevitably though, you will Although in offset printing we always need to make judgement calls on what color is acceptable and not, we have an extremely strict (and professional acceptable) established procedure for making those calls.

3. Other Defects

Our technical team is doing its best in order to make sure that hickeys or other defects will be taken care of and will not create any issue in our products.

4. Register

Detailing exactly how much register is allowed to be out of alignment may prevent copies like that from getting out.  Register is essential for high quality printing goods.

5. Plate Problems

Plate problems must be defined and taken care of as well. Our pressmen are aware of that and double or triple checks are a common procedure.

6. Dot Gain

Dot gain is an issue of ink or/and water balance. It’s critical to monitor it and decide how much or lack thereof is acceptable.


Other Quality Issues

Perfection should always be the goal for any good professional. So, for us,  there couldn’t be any other objective.



Consistency is one of the most important factors in our company.

We use standard policies, procedures, processes, practices and systems in order to make sure that our products will ALWAYS have the same high quality characteristics.

Our purpose is with every order to replicate the specific performance and experience expected by our customers.


Our value for money is based not only on the low purchase price, but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase.

We offer one of the most advantageous combination of cost and quality to meet our customers requirements.