Painted Edges Process

Options, Colours & Limitations

What is Painted Edges process?

Painted Edges process is the procedure in which the paper is painted around its edges. It is a technical process that is quite popular and it is exclusively handmade. It can be applied in business cards, notebooks and invitations. The visual result is more classy and sophisticated, enhancing the appearance of the final work.

What options do we have?

Painted Edges are more obvious when using a heavy paper, because of its thicker edges. It can be applied at 350gsm, 700gsm and 1100gsm paper. In the case of 350gsm, painted edges are noticeable when pilling the cards. No matter what kind of paper, the result will be unique.

Painted Edges process can be perfectly combined with other post-printing procedures, such as Spot UV, Hot Foil, Thermographic printing, 3D UV and Letterpress.

We can also create special Painted Edges business cards with 2 colours, or even scented Painted Edges business cards for exceptional result.


Unfortunately, Painted Edges technique cannot be applied on business cards with Die Cut, Rounded Corners and Die Stamping. Also, it cannot be applied on Letterpress and Hot Foil unless their edges are trimmed.

Which colours can we use?

It is hard to choose colour for the painted edges process, since there are many options. For example, you may choose a colour that is trimmed and the card will appear to be printed in a “coloured” paper or you can choose a colour different than the paper’s colour, increasing the contrast. Either way, the final printing product will be outstanding.

Therefore, there are three options when it comes to Painted Edges procedure:

A) Painted Edges with matt colours. We provide a wide range of 40 colour pallet for you to choose the appropriate.

B) Painted Edges with a specific matt colour of your choice. Apart from our 40 colour pallet, we can create a specific colour especially for you.

C) Painted Edges with Premium colours. Choose from metallic, fluo or iridescent colours which are impressive and fancy colours.

Attention to the details

Paying attention to the details will make the final product outstanding. The colour should have the right hue, should be spread with the same way in all edges and with the same amount of colour. Finally, special attention should be given on the edges in order not to create colour stains. The final step of this procedure is quality control and packaging. We follow these steps so as to get the perfect result.

In this step, we thoroughly examine each project and printing material for any technical mistakes. Painted Edges process is a very special procedure. If something goes wrong, it will be discovered at the end of the process. This is why we have made many tests and we have developed our own methods, so as to deliver a guaranteed result.

Samples of Business Cards
with Painted Edges

Here are some samples of business cards we presented in Graphica Expo 2019, which is the biggest fair on Printing and Visual Communication in Greece.


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