Duplex & Triplex paper technique

Let’s get to know them…

What is it?

Duplex and Triplex paper technique is the procedure of machine bonding two or three sheets of paper together to form a thicker paper board.  These papers may have the same or different quality and become one solid layer by following a specific procedure. The final product is inflexible since it has a duple or triple thickness of a simple paper.

This technique should be applied for three reasons:
1) to increase the thickness of the papers, commonly available at the market
2) to use two different kinds of papers, with different texture in the same business card
3) to apply different post-printing procedures in each side of the paper without them interfering

This paper technique can be accomplished before or after the special post-printing procedures and it is most commonly used in business cards, book covers, and invitations.

How can it be combined?

Duplex and Triplex technique can be combined with many printing and post-printing procedures. In business cards for example, the duplex business card is created by two 350gsm papers fused together. For Triplex business cards, the same technique is applied but instead of two papers, we use three papers· two 350gsm Velvet papers (one on the top and one on the bottom of the card) and one 380gsm Superfine paper in the middle, so we create a 1100gsm business card. Both duplex and triplex business cards are inflexible.
In these types of business cards, many post-printing procedures can be applied, such as Spot UV, Painted Edges, Letterpress, Hot Foil and Die Cut. Even if you don’t choose any of the post-printing procedures above, we can reassure that your business cards will stand out.


Duplex and Triplex paper technique can be combined with Thermographic printing, only when it has been accomplished before the papers are fused together. If the technique is applied after the fusion, then there is a risk of separation.
Also, Die Stamping cannot be applied in Duplex and Triplex business cards, because the pressing is created by this post-printing technique reduces the Die Stamping effect.

Samples of Duplex & Triplex business cards

Here are some samples of Duplex and Triplex business cards we presented in Graphica Expo 2019, which is the biggest fair on Printing & Visual Communication in Greece


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