Hot Foil

What is Hot Foil Printing?

The hot foil printing method uses a metal die attached to the machine. The printed colour is not ink but a very thin aluminium foil, placed between the die and the paper. Then, the machine is heated up to 110°C and pressure is applied on the die. As a result, the foil is cut and transferred on the printed surface. Although there is a wide range of colours that can be used in this method, the most commonly used are gold, silver and bronze.

This method will enhance the visual outcome since your business card will have a unique shiny metallic appearance. The result is truly stunning and eye-catching. This method can be applied in any advertising material such as leaflets, brochures, magazines, stickers, invitations, labels, and many more.

Apart from gold, silver and bronze there are 9 more matt or shiny hot foil colours. You can always mix and match any of those.

Hot Foil colours:

  • Gold
  • Gold matt
  • Silver
  • Silver matt
  • Rose
  • Rose gold
  • Bronze
  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

Samples of Hot Foil printing

In this section, you can find samples of some of our projects printed with Hot Foil printing


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