What is Letterpress Printing technique?

In Letterpress the raised surfaces of the plate will be printed. These could be text, photo, drawing and they are printed vice versa. To be more specific, when looking on the final printed material, the spots of the plate that are carved will have no colour. Ink is spread out over the debossed elements through the plate cylinders. These are the elements that have not been removed from the block (printing plate). Then the paper is pressed against to the bed (printing plate holder) which creates an impression on the paper.

Where is it applied?

Letterpress printing can be applied in many advertising products such as business cards, book covers, invitations and more.

Why choose Letterpress?


The printed result of Letterpress printing has a unique style and aesthetic.

The special sense of the debossed paper will make your card rememberable.

Samples of Letterpress Printing

In this section, you can find samples of some of our projects printed with Letterpress Printing method


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