Hot Foil FAQs

& file specifications

When submitting files for hot foil printing, they need to be 100% of one colour in a vector format. This file of the 100% colour you choose, will appear to have the special metallic colour of the selected hot foil.
In the example below, we used 100% black colour for our design and it is printed in gold metallic hot foil colour.

example #1


Final product

Is foil more expensive than letterpress?

Yes. The copper plates used to heat stamp foil are much more expensive than the photopolymer plates for letterpress printing.

Can I get impression with foil?

Only a small amount of impression is possible. We do not achieve the same deep impression that we achieve with a letterpress ink.

What is the size limit for foiling text?

Tiny type and artwork with tiny counter spaces are not great for foil. An 8pt type is very small for foil work. We need to review actual artwork to offer specific advice.

What is the difference between metallic foil and pigment foil?

A metallic foil can offer a metallic appearance and a cleaner release onto paper. Pigment foils are non-metallic and have a flat colour appearance. They are more difficult to release cleanly, especially in smaller sizes.

Can you pick a foil to match my Pantone colour?

No. A limited number of colours are available. Foil is not specified by the Pantone Matching System and will not match a PMS swatch.

Can I get foil swatches?

We purchase foils from several companies, there is not a swatch book to send you. Once we have a project in motion with you, we can work together to spec the foil for your project.


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