Letterpress Printing FAQs

& file specifications

When submitting files for Letterpress printing, they need to be 100% of one colour in a vector format


In the example below, we used 100% black colour for our design and it is also printed in black colour with the letterpress printing process.

example #1

Final product

Can you print lots of colours?

Letterpress prints one colour at a time. We can print as many spot colours as you want, but it does get expensive because of the time that goes into production. Each colour must be plated, set up, printed and washed up separately.

How do you match my colour?

We print using Solid Uncoated Pantone inks, which can appear dramatically different on screen, please be sure to view a physical Pantone swatch book when selecting your colours. If you are unable to access a Solid Uncoated Pantone swatch book you may mail us a physical sample of the colour (fabric, paper, etc) to match to. Our final print colours will not match your on-screen preview.

Can I specify a coated pantone ink colour?

Because we print on uncoated stocks, any inks we print will achieve an uncoated appearance. We do not match other swatch types such as COATED, PROCESS or RGB. You must view UNCOATED Pantone colours to view results closest to what we will achieve.

Can you print a glossy ink?

No, a glossy ink sheen will not be achieved with letterpress on uncoated papers. If an element must be glossy, we typically recommend that we print a foil.

What is a blind impression?

A blind impression is one without ink. This is a subtle way to add texture without colour. Generally, we do not recommend a blind impression for small text information or on coloured paper stocks. The results can be very subtle with a blind impression because only the depth of impression defines the artwork. We usually recommend a tonal impression.


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