Velvet Paper

Let’s get to know it better!

What is exactly velvet paper?

Velvet paper is a coated paper that allows us to get brighter and more vivid colours. It also gives a stylish look and a slight matt touch. Velvet and illustration paper are the most popular papers which are used in the majority of printing products, such as advertising materials, business cards, posters, folders, brochures, and other products in any desired dimension, shape or quantity.

It is recyclable and ideal for high-quality printing.

Grammars which is produced: 90gr, 100gr, 115gr, 135gr, 150gr, 170gr, 200gr, 225gr, 250gr, 275gr, 300gr, 350gr, 400gr

What can be applied on velvet paper? 

Many post-printing procedures can be applied on it, such as Die Cut, Lamination, Die Stamping (Embossing), Matt Lamination, Spot UV, Creasing, Painted Edges process and more.
It is compatible with Offset Printing, with Hot foil process and Thermographic printing but unfortunately, it can not be combined with Letterpress process.

Combining Velvet Paper

Many technical and post-printing procedures can be combined and applied on a paper as the Velvet one, but there are some restrictions. For example, we can combine embossing either with Hot foil or Spot UV and these methods can provide us a good printing result. Another extraordinary combination is to paint the card’s edges on laminated cards and combine them with Hot foil.


Letterpress technique as well as Embossing and Thermographic printing cannot be applied on it since the paper needs to be softer. The same limitation exists for all Laminated papers.


velvet paper


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