Rounded Corners Process

Would you like your business cards to look different?

Then, you should probably go for Rounded Corner business cards!

If you don’t want to be like everyone else, dare to go against the norm and let your Rounded Corner business cards make your business noticed and unforgettable.

Rounded Corner business cards are stylish and different. They look unique and they are smooth and sleek. They end up to be impressive and memorable and they create a friendly and warm feeling as long as distinctive impressions.

Who can choose the Rounded Corner process for his business cards?

Their elegant look is suitable for a great variety of professions, including graphic designers, restaurants, hotels, real estate businesses, fashion professionals, health businesses, creative professionals as well as for personal use.

Rounded Corner business cards fit perfectly in any card holder or wallet and they keep their shape better than traditional cards, because they don’t have any corners to bend or crease. By choosing Rounded Corner business cards, you can be sure that you will definitely catch the eye of your potential customers and associates.


The Rounded Corners process cannot be applied on Duplex business cards and on other special papers (apart from velvet).

Samples of advertising material
with Rounded Corners


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