What is Thermography?

Thermography is a post printing process where selected areas are raised compared to the rest. This makes the visual and tangible result very interesting.

The process is pretty simple. In the beginning a thermographic/embossing powder is applied to the paper. The areas selected for raised printing are printed with slow-drying inks and they remain wet during the application of powder. Then a vacuum system removes excess powder from un-inked areas of the paper. At the end of the process, the paper is exposed to high temperatures and the powder’s temperature rapidly increases and starts melting. Then, as the paper cools, the melted ink solidifies.

Give some extra “volume” and shine at your business cards

Thermography though an old technique is not commonly used because most people do not know about it. Extra volume and special shine are the two great features of this method. When it is combined with a special paper then the result is definitely refined. For even more unique results, it can be also combined with embossing and debossing.

Tips about Thermography:

  • Only one side of your business card can be printed with Thermography
  • Avoid very small font size and slim strokes
  • It cannot be applied on thick paperboards and high absorbing papers.
  • It cannot be combined with letterpress or hot foil
  • When thermography is combined with embossing or debossing then those cannot be applied at the exact same area

Samples of Thermography

In this section, you can find samples of some of our projects printed with thermography 


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